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The control itself based on ListView and GridView extended with a lot of other features. AutoList is not just a static list generated on the fly but also allows you to modify it either in code behind or through UI.

  • ItemsSource and SelectedItems must implement INotifyCollectionChanged (e.g ObservableCollection<T>)
  • ItemsSource, SelectedItems and the item itself have to be decorated with attributes.

  • AllowsColumnHide : allows user to hide / unhide columns in runtime (in a context menu)
  • AllowsColumnReorder : allows user to reorder columns
  • AllowExcelExport: allows user to export currently visible columns and rows to excel file
  • AutoColumnSize : columns will be streched
  • FocusedItem: currently focused item in the listview
  • GroupByExpression : expression based grouping
  • ItemsSource : items to show
  • IsBusy : Dims the AutoList, if true
  • OnGenerated: allows you to modify AutoList in code behind after columns were generated
  • OnItemDoubleClick: command binding to handle mouse double click event
  • FilterPredicate: filter items
  • SelectedItems : contains the selected items (if any)
  • SelectionMode : None, Single, Multiple

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