Project Description

AutoList is a custom WPF control - a list - based on .NET4 ListView and GridView, which provides a lot of additional features out of box. It is part of the Hammer UI Kit set. But first of all, it generates your list runtime based on meta information. Since it is using standard WPF controls you can easily customize the look and feel or integrate into your application.

Image a situation, when you need not just one list, but hundreds of them, e.g you would like to display some complex datas from a database. Every table is an entity, every entity is different, further more entities must be selectable or groupable or sortable etc. In this case you either need to develop a lot of views with explicit table definitions and implement all the features or simply use AutoList, which generates you every list, support most common features. All you need to do is to decorate your entities with some attributes.

Why is different than others?

Beause AutoList:
  • is pure and simple
  • minimalizes the development time since it generates everything
  • reduces code lines, so reduces bug possibilities
  • works with types instead of strings and templates

  • Sortable
  • Generating columns based on metainfo
  • Reordering columns
  • Hiding and unhiding columns
  • Resizing columns
  • Groupping with expression
  • Filtering with predicate
  • Custom string format
  • Enum members translation
  • Selecting items in three different kinds (none, checkbox, radiobutton)
  • DoubleClick action as CommandBinding
  • ProgressBar and Checkbox as column type
  • Autosizable columns
  • Excel export
  • Runtime customizable by user
  • Runtime customizable in code behind

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